Hire | Contact Me

Want to comment on something I said offline?

Are you an artist or press with some “new flava for my ear”  (along the lines of what you see on this site ONLY…again for those in the cheap seats….ALONG THE LINES OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THIS SITE ONLY)?

Are you an indie artist who needs help navigating the social media space?

Do you need a digital consultant to create a comprehensive social media strategy to promote your music and creatively build fan engagement?

Want to hire a digital correspondent (live tweeter) for your next music-related event or concert?

Would you like to invite me to guest blog on your site or collaborate on another creative opportunity?

Contact me on Twitter or e-mail at vivrantthang8-at-gmail-dot-com

2 thoughts on “Hire | Contact Me”

  1. Odell Pugh said:

    For less than $40 every month I can get tons of qualified buyers to come to your site. Interested in how this works? Just send a reply to this email address to get more details: highconvertingvisitors@gmail.com

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