As I sit here 24 hours after the verdict was read, I remain in a state of depression, disappointment, disillusionment, disgust and every other “d” word you can think of — except for denial. It’s quite clear, yet again, that the lives of our black boys (hell, black people period) continue to be worth nothing. How does it feel to be a problem?

I’m going to stop here because I am absolutely not a cultural critic or an academic and I prefer to stay in my lane. I know a little bit about music. I know that it can help heal. Although right now, it seriously feels like nothing, not even putting it in God’s hands is enough. That’s coming from someone who is deeply spiritual. It’s becoming quite clear that this was not a case the prosecution cared to win since it appears they are quite capable of winning the cases they WANT to win.

We’ve got to act and I’m proud to see so many people coming together across the country peaceably to help each other process this and figure out how to continue supporting Trayvon Martin’s family as the fight continues and also the families of those being murdered in Chicago and all across the country.

This playlist, “A Song for Trayvon, is dedicated to Lester Chambers, a black musician who was assaulted on stage while trying to sing a song for Trayvon. The jury was still deliberating when the animal attacked. And WE are the problem. Mercy, mercy me.