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I’ve been tagged. Lady Butta over at It’s Like Butta Baby wants me to share seven completely random facts about myself. I thought about doing this over at the Myspace, but I figure eh, ya’ll need to get to know Vivrant Thang a little better.

There are rules I’m supposed to post and follow. But I’m a rebel.

1. I stalk soul singer, Bilal up and down the East Coast. I’ve been to see him in Philly, NYC, and here in DC three times this year. Tonight in DC makes four and Philly next month will be five. Yea, I’m obsessive like that.


2. I started kindergarten just months after I turned 4. I was class president too! So I’ve always been a year younger than my classmates. Entered high school at 13. College at age 17. 800 miles from home ya’ll. I always been grown 🙂

3. I used to want to be a journalist. When I was just 17, I interned for two summers at The Newark Star-Ledger as a feature reporter. I went out on assignments with a photographer and came back to the office to write my story. I was the real thing. Still have the clips in my portfolio.

4. I used to be 150lbs heavier.


Yes, I had that surgery a little over 2 years ago. It saved my life. As you can see, I don’t have the Star Jones bobble head look. Obviously, I’m not skinny. Didn’t do it to be skinny. It saved my life. I weighed more than Shaq.

In many ways, life has changed for me. However, in many ways, it’s stayed the same.

I can’t believe I posted that. But hey, you never know who might see this and who it might help. I may write a book about my experiences someday since my online journal about it has been such a big hit. So might as well get comfortable with it.

5. I have a strange…phobia if you will. I can’t stand to see men with those huge, disgusting bumps or lumps on the back of their heads. I think ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Not the normal small ones he may get on occasion from the razor. I’m talking about the big nasty ones that go all along the back of the head and no hair will grow there. Seriously, it doesn’t just disgust me. I actually feel nauseous and have to move away. My skin starts crawling. If that was to ever happen to the man I end up with, he would have to rock a skully 24/7 to get up in my mix.

I want somebody to walk up behind me
And kiss me on my neck
and breathe on my neck
E Badu (Kiss Me on My Neck)

No can do!

6. I am subscribed to over 100 blogs on topics including music, politics, lifestyle, sports, literature, finance, nonprofit, technology, and women’s issues. I’m just random like that. The ones on my blogroll are just a sample. I only get to read a few of them a day, if that. But I can’t bring myself to unsubscribe!

7. I collect coffee table books on a variety of topics. I currently have about 40 of them on various subjects – black art, photography, music, wine, nudes, interior design, and sex.

Guess which ones are my favorites.