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I had the pleasure of finding out just what that was last weekend at the Black Cat here in DC. Keite opened to a crowd practically simmering over in anticipation of rocking with Chrisette Michele. A couple of people standing by me didn’t even know who was opening and asked, “Who Is Keite Young?” By the time he made his way to the stage and funked up a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” I do believe they had their answer.

If that didn’t do it, his cover of the Police’s Roxanne” surely did.

Don’t get it twisted. While Keite does a hell of a cover, the original material from his debut album, The Rise and Fall of Keite Young, had me anxiously waiting to cop his CD and put it in regular rotation.

Check out “If We Were Alone” (um…is this really coming from an ordained minister?)


He closed the set by taking a HUGE risk and covering Prince’s Beautiful Ones.” I admit, I was scared for him. You just don’t touch Your Royal Purpleness. But when he ripped that hat off his head and messed that doobie up, I knew he was about to give us the business. Prince fans, what say you?

I had the chance to meet Keite after the show. We look cute huh? No real reason I’m cheesing like that. I tend to smile too big in my pics.


I think I’ve mentioned before that one reason I love supporting new or independent artists is because they are still so grateful and hungry. Keite seemed to be in awe at the people lined up to buy his album. I would also imagine that since he’s traveled such a long, hard road to bring us the music, he probably still can’t believe he’s finally here. And judging from what I saw, what’s yet to come will be even better.