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by vivrant thang on makes me wanna holler


Oh make me wanna holler / throw up both my hands
Oh, make me wanna holler/They don’t understand


Look at that face.

This is the first I’m hearing of the death of 10-month-old, Da’Niyah Marie Jackson at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. She had been savagely beaten, bitten, and sexually assaulted.

The mother left Da’Niyah with her boyfriend while she went to work. His two-year old son was also present in the house. She came home and found the baby unresponsive and contacted the authorities after she started convulsing and went into cardiac arrest.

The “thing” has been charged and hopefully will be thrown in general population. Those criminals don’t like his kind. I hope they have all kinds of fun with him.

This story had me in tears. Can you imagine the agony she endured? This isn’t the first time this has happened and it certainly won’t be the last. I know you’re not supposed to question God, but it gets harder and harder each time. I truly do believe we are living in our last days.

My other issue with this story is the mother leaving the baby there with him. Apparently, he had two other kids with another woman and she had a restraining order on him because he assaulted her and the child. My question is, did she know this?

Let’s say she did. Did she think it was an isolated incident? Did she believe him when he told her that the baby mother was lying on him – because you know that’s what he probably told her.

Or let’s say she didn’t, why the hell not? Did she not ask the Negro any questions?

This shit makes me sick. Single mothers cannot just let any man into their lives. It’s not about you and your needs anymore. I know he didn’t just snap and commit this heinous act. He had a history and the signs are always there if you want to see them. She probably turned her head because she had herself a man. She should probably be in the jail right long with him because she is an accessory in my eyes.

I know I’m being judgemental and there could possibly be extenuating circumstances. Bottom line, this beautiful little girl died a horrible death that was preventable. There are people that are putting themselves through all kinds of mental and physical hell to bring a child into this world and then you read stories like this.

Makes we wanna holler.

RIP little one. You are truly in a better place.

Can we go back to this?

Update: Yet, another recent case. THIS animal beats his wife on the way to the hospital to get help for their 8-DAY-OLD baby, who was bleeding anally! And you think this was the first time he displayed such behavior?

I can’t even talk about this anymore.

Update #2: I just found this interesting vlog that poses similar questions as I’ve raised above. She also has some very specific ideas on what should be done to the animal that committed this heinous act.