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by vivrant thang on the aids crisis


Mother, mother
There’s too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother
There’s far too many of you dying
You know we’ve got to find a way
To bring some lovin’ here today

This is my sixth and final post for the Black blogger call-to-action, Black Blogging to End AIDS. You can find all the posts here.

I have truly learned a lot this week and I am so glad to have stumbled on to The Black Perspective in time to participate in this important effort. It really meant a lot to me to pay homage to the memory of my family members in some small way.

From the comments, I know at least a few people have read the information. It all starts with just one person.

I just want to call attention to a few more resources that I’ve come across:


  • Get informed

  • Get tested

  • Get involved