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by vivrant thang on all about me and feeding the music jones

Fireside is blazing bright,
We’re caroling through the night
And this Christmas will be
A very special Christmas for me

My apologies for being away so long. I’ve been hanging out at my other spot, blogging about books and literary news. That’s my other passion and I’ve been missing it.

Anyhow, you all shouldn’t be surprised that this is the title of my Christmas post. You know how I do. Donny will always be the Christmas song king.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday but I hadn’t been feeling particularly festive this season. As a matter of fact, I had been feeling quite grinch-like. I didn’t decorate my house this year. I only sent out Christmas cards to those that sent them to me…and even that seemed like a chore. I am just pimping out the Myspace digs. What’s the deal you ask?

It’s been a number of things. However, the main issue is that for the first time that I can remember, I won’t be spending Christmas with my family. So that’s taking some getting used to. Actually, I was feeling decidely sorry for myself until I tried to make an appointment with my hair stylist and she told me that her house burned down to the ground a couple of weeks ago. Everyone made it out safely but her family lost everything…and two weeks before Christmas. I felt horrible for her, but she seems in pretty good spirits. Of course, she is just so glad that everyone made it out safely.

Hearing about that really put things in perspective for me. Here I am on vacation from work until the New Year with plans to attend an NBA game, a play, a concert in Philly and who knows what else. There they are trying to piece their lives back together after losing everything. My shit is really not that bad. I need to focus on the reason for the season and not sweat the small stuff. I may not be with my family, but at least I have a family. I am blessed beyond measure and I better be grateful for it because everything can be taken away in a flash.

So things are looking brighter. You should already know what’s helping. Christmas music! I have a few mixed CDs of all the classic Christmas favorites. I’ve also been feeding the music jones by feasting on some RIBS and stalking my brother in soul, T Grundy. He has been blessing us with the “sounds of the season” all month long. Head on over to his spot and satisfy any mood you’re in.



He got what you need! Check him out.

I want to wish all my readers a joyous holiday season. If you’re feeling grinch-like, remember your blessings and the reason for the season. If that fails, you can always spike your egg nog. Works for me.