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by vivrant thang on party like a rockstar

I probably haven’t mentioned it but I’m a member of the First and Finest sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. We’re celebrating our centennial year (birthday is on Tuesday) so this past weekend the city has been rolling out the pink and green carpet for us. It will be nothing compared to what will go down in July when our national convention rolls into town.

Anywho, although I am fighting a nasty chest cold, which has my voice sounding like a cross between Kathleen Turner and Donald Duck, nothing but death was going to keep me from this:


9th Wonder and DJ Cuzzin B on the wheels of steel! I knew it was going to be ridiculous…and how right I was!

From the moment, I stepped in the door, I was shaking what my Momma gave me. They played just about every new jack swing, hip hop, reggae and r&b song you can remember rocking to in the late 80s and 90s. You know, the songs you hear and can remember exactly what was going on in your life at that particular time. All I kept hearing was:

“Freshman year, Brown Hall, my roommate used to play this joint everyday!”

“1988 – junior year. That was my sonnnnggg!”

When a particular song would come on, we would look at each other like “I can’t believe he is playing this! I’m about to fall out!” Tired as we were towards the end, there were some joints we still had to get up on and at least two-step.

I can’t remember every song they played because I was too busy dropping it…in a dress and some hooker boots at that. I did manage to make note of a few of them to give you an idea.

Michele’le Something In My Heart
Tony Toni ToneJust Me and You
Janet JacksonAnytime, Anyplace (took some of my sorors through some things when he played this one
Mint ConditionPretty Brown Eyes
R Kelly12 Play
JodeciFreakin U 

Mad CobraFlex
Sister NancyBam Bam
BujuBoom Bye Bye

FugeesReady or Not
Mary – Reminisce
BiggieBig Poppa, Unbelievable
Arrested DevelopmentEveryday People
LL – Jingling Baby, Around the Way Girl
MC LyteCha Cha Cha
Tribe Called QuestBonita Applebaum
NasThe World is Yours
Black SheepThe Choice is Yours
Camp Lo – Luchini
Nice and SmoothHip Hop Junkie
Wu TangC.R.E.A.M, Ice Cream
Jay ZAin’t No N*gga
Lil KimBig Momma Thang ( I have to admit I still know all the words to her entire first album)

EU – Da Butt (it was on like School Daze!)
DJ Funk – There’s Some Hoes in This House 

Couple all this hot music with the old school candy sprinkled all over the tables (ring pops, blow pops, push up pops, laffy taffy) and the classics playing on the screen (House Party, Above The Rim, and Fat Albert) and you can imagine what a great time we had.

It was one of the times I was so glad to be in the 30-and-over crowd as you could look around and see the bored youngins who didn’t have a clue why we were acting a fool. It’s a shame that the only songs they felt were Kanye’s Flashing Lights and Good Life. Thankfully, that was the only radio programming we were subjected to. Those are two hot songs though so I didn’t mind.

As me and my aching knees recover today, I will definitely keep my eyes on The True School events page for the next “house party.” DC area grown folks, if you know like I know, so should you.