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by vivrant thang on let’s rock


Just a quick post to talk about my musically delicious weekend. Will be very brief because I’m recovering from the strip aerobics class I took on Saturday that had me using muscles I forgot I had. I literally feel like I’ve been thrown down a flight of stairs. Ahhh, feels good.

Friday night, I went to a party held at the Meat Market Gallery. I know. Got the side-eye from me too. More important than the promise of free food and open bar (sponsored by Hennessey), 9th Wonder was going to be on the wheels of steel. You should already know I was in there. He’s not local so when he’s in the area, I try not to miss him!

As usual, he didn’t disappoint. I was pop locking, doing the snake and whopping it out like I didn’t have a care in the world. It was the perfect way to end the week. However, as is typical in DC, I felt like I was one of the museum displays because the fake-bourgeois folk must have forgotten this was the music they grew up on. The most they could manage was the cool head nod. Yes, it was one of “those” parties.


I couldn’t stay still and I was glad I brought along a girlfriend who also knew what time it was. She says she hadn’t danced like that in a minute. I proudly handed her a membership card for the 9th Wonder Stan Association.

I spent a good part of the evening just looking up at him do his thing. He was up in this space above the party so I had a good view. The artistry of DJ’ing has always fascinated me…when he or she is in the zone and really feeling it. Totally different type of head nod.

Don’t know what I’m talking ’bout? Check out DJ YZO of Industry Soul’s ode to the ones who keep your body rocking…and make you forget that you’ve been waiting over an hour for the next act to take the stage (looking at you, Bilal)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t shout out some of my favorite female DJs.

I’m crazy for you, Mr DJ. Keep Playin.

Saturday night was the Amp Fiddler, Fertile Ground and Tortured Soul show. I was anticipating this show because while I grew up on house music, being from North Jersey and all, I tend to get all caught up in soul music and forget my roots.

I’ll have a full review and videos coming up in the coming days weeks. This wasn’t a concert. It was an all-out party. I felt like I was back home. I still haven’t come down from the high.  While I thoroughly enjoyed Amp’s set,  Tortured Soul has a sista clearing space on her stan list…as if it isn’t jam packed already. I must see them whenever possible.

Here’s a preview. I couldn’t even get this posted without getting up for a dance break…sore and all.

Play that funky music white boys!

This kind of flava will have Vivrant Thang considering putting a little creme in her coffee.

JKriv, call me! Something about those bass players.

 *photo credit: forever12