by vivrant thang on some ole random ish

This post has nothing to do with the artist formerly known as D’Angelo.

A moment of silence please.

Moving on.

Posting has been sort of light as of late. I’m really trying to commit to a minimum of three times a week but it’s not easy. It takes me forever and a day to put these things together sometimes. I wish I was a faster writer but practice makes perfect I suppose.

Just wanted to share a few updates and thoughts – you know completely random ish for which I can’t think of a title.

I’ve mentioned SoulBounce many times in the space. Surely I’m preaching to the choir because I know all of you are reading. Anyway, I was asked to join the family last month and my first post appeared yesterday. I’ll be posting over there every couple of weeks, keeping ya’ll in the know about events you can’t miss. So check me out! I just know you’re reading everyday anyway so you shouldn’t miss me!

I’ve also got a few other things in the works. A sista has really started grinding and getting serious about getting her side hustle on  and working towards fulfilling her personal mission. Trying to fit that in between work (which is going to be ridiculous this summer with our battle against McCain), concerts, traveling, and other hoodrat shit I like to get into, I’m trying to figure out where I’ll find the time. But I have to create it. The year is half over and I got goals to fulfill.

Anyhow, speaking of concerts, I am completely overwhelmed and thrilled by my calendar. Seriously. It seems as if I’m adding something everyday. Good thing that’s pretty much my sole form of entertainment. I wouldn’t be able to afford anything else!

This week alone I’ll be overdosing on music – starting on Thursday with Bilal (never too much) and Wayna performing in Baltimore. A couple of days later, I travel up to Philly for The Roots Picnic and then back down here for the closing day of the Capital Jazz Fest. I can’t wait to sit out in the sun all day sipping on a lil sumthin sumthin while the tunes carress my ears. It can’t get any better. And the party just continues on through August until I leave for seven whole nights in Barbados.

Are any of you attending any good shows this summer? Any summer travel plans?

This past weekend was one of the more interesting ones I’ve had in a while. Saturday, I went on a party cruise with this group I’m a part of. I love being in, around, and on the water so this was right up my alley.

 I noticed him from the beginning because he’s my “type.” Yea, Vivrant has a type. And if you look at my dating resume, you’ll see that very few of the dudes on there look anything like the “prototype.” I won’t go into what that is right now but I will say he’s not “fine.” I’ve done fine and those negroes are crazyderanged. Seriously. Nah, I won’t lump all of you fine brothers together into one category. But what turns my head probably wouldn’t turn every woman’s head. Well, with the exception of him but we’re talking about an everyday dude here.

When I saw him, “Untitled” started playing in my head. He looks nothing like D’Angelo so this was completely random. For some reason, that was the soundtrack to this scene. We had a couple of interactions throughout the night but I couldn’t really tell if he was going to be interested enough to make a move. Believe it or not, Vivrant is old-fashioned in that way. She never makes the first move.  Well, maybe this one a few times. But a cocktail many, many cocktails were involved. Might make me miss out on some opportunities, but that’s just never been how I operate.

Long story short, he did make that move. It was the first time in a long while that I’ve actually been approached by someone I’m attracted to off jump. I can’t tell you the last time that’s happened. Sad, I know. Initial attraction/chemistry is definitely not mandatory for me. I’ve had some of my most memorable and intense relationships with men that I’m still not sure I was ever really attracted to physically. So while it’s nice to have, it’s not a deal breaker. Besides, it can get a girl like me in trouble.  Remains to be seen what happens with this one.

If you don’t feel that initial attraction to someone, do they even get past hello with you?

One thing I’m liking about my thirties so far is that men are starting to call me “beautiful.” When I was in my twenties, I got “sexy,” “fine,” or “cute.” Maybe an occasional “pretty.” I’ve never particularly cared for any of those, especially “sexy.” That’s not saying anything to me. Call me “beautiful,” you’ve got my attention. Everytime I think about the fact that I’m now in my thirties and want to cringe, I think about this and it makes me smile.

Ended the weekend by seeing Sex and The City with a group of women. Not that I would write a long review here, but even if I wanted to, I didn’t have to. My exact thoughts are nicely summed up right here (beware: spoilers!) . Feel free to share yours if you saw it.