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by vivrant thang on old school friday

Last week we were breaking up.

Now we making up.

For some strange reason, I had a hard time coming up with “making up” songs. So I just went with two artists whose return to the music scene I am impatiently waiting for. Things just fell into place from there. Neither of these artists are “old school.” Sure seems like it though since both of them have deprived us for more than a minute.

First up, we got Faith EvansSoon As I Get Home.” Who wouldn’t want to make up with Faye after hearing this sweet plea?

Baby if you give me just
another chance (oh baby)
I can show you love (more love)
Promise I’ll be true to you
(you don’t ever have to worry)
You don’t ever have to worry (no, no, no)
Cuz I’m gonna treat you right (baby I miss you)
Baby I miss you just want to kiss you
Hold you in my arms

And you know the best part of making up, right?

Gotta do the damn thing, “‘Til The Cops Come Knockin!”

*fans self*

Sorry ya’ll. That song is…QUITE special to a sista.

Hope you enjoyed my picks today. Hell, I know I did.

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*PS: I know “Til The Cops” is not from Now but I just love that picture. Mmmm…

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