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by vivrant thang on old school friday

Before we get into this week’s theme, I first have to send major congratulations out to the staff of SoulBounce and Afrobella, who both won WELL-deserved Black Weblog Awards. As you all know, these are my two favorite blogs hands down. I am subscribed to well over 200. Nuff said.

If you’re not a stalker reader of either of these sites, get on it like yesterday. If you are, please stop by and congratulate noVa, Butta, Imani, Will of Soul Bounce and the lovely Bella (who is giving US the prize!).

On another note, I know my blogging here has been light However, I often “microblog” on Twitter. I plan to start talking more about the music I’m listening to over there as well as my random musings that I don’t always have time to post here.  So if you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow a sista. I’ll add you as well so I can get to know my readers a bit better.

Let get to the getting!

This week’s theme is “Disco Inferno!”  We’re highlighting some of our favorite disco songs. When I saw this week’s theme, one song immediately popped into my head. After doing a little research, I found my thread.

I’m highlighting The Emotions, an all-female soul, disco, and R&B singing group of the late-1970s and into the 1980s. “Best of My Love” and “I Don’t Wanna Love Your Love” were two songs that are ingrained in my memory from childhood. My Momma must have let her 8-track rock til her 8-track popped!

Here is “Best of My Love”

It shouldn’t have surprised me to see that The Emotions worked with Maurice White of my Favorite. Band. Ever. Earth Wind and Fire on “Best of My Love.” Members of The Emotions collaborated on and off the stage with Earth Wind and Fire

Here is “Boogie Wonderland,” by Earth Wind and Fire and The Emotions.

Beautiful music indeed.

Now boogie on over to the other OSF participants pages and keep the party going!

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