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A sista should have a couple of extra dollar bills burning a hole in her pocket soon and you know what that means.

Music Therapy time baby!

I am long overdue. I have a backlog of albums to purchase but there are also some upcoming releases that I also need to get my hands on.

I’m also compiling this list because either I don’t know where to look or there are very few sites that have updated release info all in one place without me having to scan through genres I have no interest in.

This list contains albums I’m anticipating so it still won’t be comprehensive. I hope it can serve as a reference for soul and real hip hop music lovers out there. I don’t need to be the only out there eating PB&J!

As folks wander in and drop some gems I may have overlooked in the comment section, I will likely update this. I’ll likely make a page for it right up there at the top so you can locate it quickly.

Let me know whether you plan to high tail it to the store and get any of these. Or let me know your thoughts about what we can expect from any of these artists. Will I be jamming it or slamming it?

September 9th

I was kind of ambivalent about Hurricane (with the exception of “Pretty Baby”) but I have been feeling the cuts I’ve heard from Eric Benet’s latest album. He also is a very entertaining interview!

Take a listen to “Hunger,” the second single from Love and Life.

Kenny is too fly on that album cover! I’ve always been a fan of his sound. I look forward to seeing what he can bring to the remakes of some timeless classics. He dares to touch Donny, Marvin, Otis, Stevie, and Aretha all on one album?! Well rock on Kennywith your bad self! “Starship” is one of my favorite songs so I’m anxious to see what he does with that one in particular.

Update: See review for Timeless.

September 16

After my brief, rave review of his recent performance in DC, you should already know I can’t wait to get my hands on this album. Some have been lucky enough to get their hands on an advance copy and give it two snaps up in Z formation. In case you’ve been living under a rock, check out the tracklist and a few singles from Raphael Saadiq’s forthcoming album, The Way I See It.

Check out a live performance of another new cut from the new album, “Just One Kiss.”

September 23

We have another Super Tuesday on our hands!

I’m not in love with Jazmine’s album cover but this is one instance where it won’t matter! The first time I heard “Need You Bad” I fell in love. I heard reincarnations of LBoogie in her voice, but I applaud her for rejecting thecomparison. Chart your own path Jazzie!

Not to mention, she’s from the City of Brotherly Love and you already know how much I stan for all things Philly. Reminiscent of the buzz around Chrisette Michele, this is surely one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. As if she needed her rising star to soar any faster, she is opening for Maxwell on some (if not all) of his tour dates. Probably the quickest selling ticket ever for an artist who hasn’t released an album in years and one who has yet to drop one. Soul Bounce has been stanning for Jazmine for months now. If you’re behind, get into this.

The Internets are on edge waiting to see what Common delivers on Invincible Summer. It’s been described as “clubby,” which is not what I want to hear from him. However, I’m willing to give it a chance (although Bilal is M.I.A). Santogold makes an appearance, which I’m feeling. No album art has surfaced just yet (unless I’ve missed it). Meantime, I’m very content to stare at his beautiful mug in photos like the one above.

I am not feeling Joe’s album cover at all. Well, his milk dud head is sexy. The track that I’ve heard didn’t reach out and grab me. I’m going to give Joe a chance. I still believe he has another “All The Things” or “I Wanna Know” left in him.

You already know how much I love Ledisi. There’s singing and there’s sangin’. I was excited when I heard she would be making the most wonderful time of the year a whole lot better. This will be a welcome addition to my holiday soundtrack. I can’t wait to hear the spin she puts on some of the classics.

September 30

Two albums with cover controversy being released on the same day? Will that be the conversation or will we stick to the music?

Let me first say that I do hope the woman whose body this actually is or the graphic artist who did this photoshop job were well-paid for what is actually a beautiful album cover. I’m very much looking forward to an album full of JHud’s powerhouse vocals. I’m not blown away by the admittedly catchy “Spotlight.” I suppose I favor her ballads. I must also admit that I’m more excited about the next time I get to see her on the big screen.

I just got wind of the controversy surrounding Vibe magazine’s refusal to give Robin Thicke the cover. I was in Barbados when this all broke and no one happened to mention it over there. I’m sure this has been a bit more sensationalized than it needed to be. After all, he’s got an album to sell.

At the end of the day, all I care about is the music. I’m definitely feeling “Magic.” I already know all I need to know because he’s opening for Mary J. Blige. He also gives good interview. The Evolution of Robin Thicke still gets play on the ‘pod two years later and I have the same high hopes for this album. I like the cover but I’m a tad disappointed that it is so reminiscent of The Evolution. Hey, I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

October 18

When I first saw this album cover, I swore they had stolen it from my BFF’s wedding album. This is exactly how the set up for the ceremony looked. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would post the pics side by side.

Nicolay is one of my favorite producers and I’ve already mentioned how much I love Phonte of Little Brother and the sexiest hype man alive, Darien Brockington. Nicolay and Phonte are reunited and from the track I’ve heard already, it feels so good.

I look forward to seeing Phonte here in the DC area in a couple of weeks where I’m sure this album and the hilarious Gordon Gartrell Radio will be discussed (right Stylus?) Don’t miss out on this one. I got a feeling this will be a good look for real hip hop.

October 21

As you know, I love all things Philly soul. I have loved Kindred’smusic since they arrived on the scene with Surrender To Love. I still get all gushy inside whenever they perform “Stars.” I feel the same about the first single, “House of Love.” I have supported both their albums and will continue to do so. After all, they got mouths to feed! I look forward to The Arrival in stores on the 21st of October.

October 28

Dear John,

Our relationship has been a little shaky since I ran (not walked) to the store to cop “Once Again,” as soon as Best Buy opened on the day it was released.


You’ve started trying to make it up to me by giving me Estelle. “Stay With Me” is my favorite song on Al Green’s “Lay It Down.” So I agreed to go to counseling.

Then you dropped “Green Light” and performed another new track, “If You’re Out There” from Evolver at the Democratic National Convention. So I let you back in.

Don’t make me regret it.


“Who has played Get Lifted 43483438434 times”

Check out a possible track listing.

November 4

The agony! How much longer can “Vivrant Thing” wait for this album? Especially after he was one of the main reasons my bells got ROCKED by real hip hop this summer. I guess the good thing about this date is that I would have something to console me on the drive down to the Carolinas/ATL should the PAIN ticket steal this election.

Do you see that he has Raphael Saadiq and D’Angelo on this joint? Certified hotness already. Many thanks to my man DJ YZO at Industry Soul for keeping me in the know. Check out some of the early “reviews.”

Update: Q-Tip blessed us with a sneak preview here in DC. Check it out and let me know what you think!

December 16thbroke my heart with Ain’t Nobody Worryin and Soulife.


Anthony Hamilton, who has cleaned up very nicely I must say, will drop a new album called The Point of It All. Well Anthony, after I completely fell in love with Coming From Where I’m From, you

After two strikes, I still can’t quit you!

I guess you got that magic. Even if I’m not loving what he’s singing, I’m loving the sound of him singing it.

“Cool,” with David Banneris aiight. I like the sentiment. I could have done without Banner though.

Other releases I’m keeping an eye out for are:

Beyonce’s double album I Am….Sasha Fierce is due out on November 18th. I should have quit her after the mess that was B’Day but I’m hoping for another Dangerously In Love. Actually I guess I did since I only own Dangerously In Love. *shrugs* She’s doing two movies though so this may be another rushed H.A.M. Let me stop before her stans find their way in here. I’m not dealing with that shit.

After hearing the singles released so far, I see that I am not going to get my Dangerously In Love.

Thanks, B.

Sometime in June, September 23, November 11, December 9

Well, since the “Invincible Summer” has come and gone, our boy Common needed a new title. I can get with Universal Mind Control, which is also the title of his first single. I’m not especially moved by the video– <girly moment> outside of the fact that he is looking muy deliciouso. </girly moment> After being bamboozled and let astray several times this year, the word in the streets is that we’ll have a product in our hands by November the NEXT millennium.

  • India Arie (Testimony Vol 2: Love & Politics)
  • Maysa (Metamorphosis on October 14)
  • Janelle Monae (Suite 1: The Chase)
  • Maxwell (Black Summer’s Night)
  • Brandy (she sounds hot on John Legend’s “Quickly” so I’ll add her to the list. New album, Human, on shelves 12/9 but will likely be leaked a month before)

After January 1st, I will be keeping vigil for albums from D’Angelo and N’Dambi, and India Arie which are all scheduled to drop in the early part of the year…we hope, wish and pray.