I’ve been asked by some of my faithful readers to start reviewing some of the albums I purchase when I undergo music therapy. I would promise to get to it but there was always some hesitancy deep inside of me that I couldn’t place at the time.

I’ve been a book reviewer, a pretty damned good one at that. I should be. Despite my many grammatical errors here, I do actually hold an advanced degree in English Language and Literature. U of Maryland professors beat that critical analysis out of me.

Although I do feel I know good music equally as well, I still felt some kind of reluctance to write about it in detail. The fact is, I think I was already comparing my writing to others before I even put fingers to keyboard. Would I be able to find the same language they do to express how I felt about this music?

Damn all that.

I be who I be and I write how I write.

I write for ya’ll. You keep coming back so you must like what you skim read here 😉

I’ve decided to take a different approach to the standard reviews and do what I do best – write in a conversational tone with a side of my own special brand of humor – which I’m not sure some of you get. But that’s another post.

My reviews will be written as letters to the artists. I’m going to talk to them about how I feel about the album as if we go way back. This style might not be the standard and may induce some wicked side eye action, but I think it fits what I’m trying to do here on this site – whatever that may be on any given day.

We’re going to step our game up around these parts and add start adding some music to the mix so you don’t have to take my word for it when I rave about a particular song.

Now let me add a little disclaimer here. Ideally, for newly released albums, I want to get the review out right before the release date or very shortly thereafter. However, I do want to give the album at least three listens before I start writing. The first will be a quick listen to make a snap judgement on whether I like it. The second two listens will allow me to really spend some time with the album and listen to what the artist is trying to do with the project. So suffice to say, I will attempt to stick to that schedule but you know how I do.

It may be a little rough and long-winded in the beginning. I hope to get better the more I do. So just roll with a sista.

First up to bat, Mr. Kenny Lattimore’s Timeless. Will we pump it or dump it? Stay tuned!