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by vivrant thang on obama and race

You may have already seen this floating around the Interwebs. For those that haven’t, if you have never looked at another video on this site, I ask you to view this one.

The impassioned story AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Trumka tells here is one that I encountered myself a few weeks ago.

I had lunch with my former boss who I love(d?) to death. She asked me what I thought of the whole election and of course I go on about how much I heart Obama. I made the mistake of asking her what she thought. She said her husband was pro-Obama all the way. However, she was not so sure. There was just “something about him” that she couldn’t put a finger on. Something about him she didn’t trust.

You don’t say?

I asked her what she thought of his policies and his stance on the issues. She agreed with those for the most part.

 “So what is it? “I pressed, knowing full and damn well what the answer was. Daring her to say it.

She just didn’t know what it was. By the way, she also thought Michelle was too cocky.

I wanted to say, “Yes, she’s a real uppity negress isn’t she?”

Later on in the conversation, she talked about the Left Behind series and how she felt like it would come true with an Obama-led administration. She even likened him to the Anti-Christ.

I was having a mellow day so I managing to keep my face neutral while my blood was boiling inside.

She says she would die before she ever voted for McCain. She thought of not voting at all but would likely just hold her nose and vote for Obama.

Whatever it takes. Just push the right button or keep your ass at home.

Perhaps I’ll send this video to her.

We’re so glad this has gone viral – with almost 300,000 hits and growing.

Please continue to send it on. It’s a message that many need to hear. Folks you wouldn’t think need to hear it. It’s one thing for them to publicly say Obama got their vote. But what will really happen when they go inside that voting booth?