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I just love it when I get the opportunity to be a lazy blogger, particularly after the day that I’ve had. A glass of wine and a couple hours of mindless television are calling my name.

Before I left yesterday evening to stalk Phontigallo see Little Brother in concert, I started another spotlight post about Tamara Wellons, an artist I had the opportunity to see live for the first time at the Can A Sista Rock A Mic festival earlier this month. She has long been yet another artist whose music is on the never-ending list I need to give a listen to.

What I appreciate about Tamara is that while she is a teacher, a wife and mother of three, in all the spare time she has left she is actively doing what she loves. She has tangible products of her passion. Members of Procrastinators Anonymous, time’s a wastin.

Anyhow, back to my laziness.

Lucky for me, Butta over at Soul Bounce, has done all the work for me and posted a sampler of Life Is, Tamara’s new album released today on Ocha Records, along with details of the release party tomorrow night in DC. Head on over and take a listen. Fans of soulful house and jazz, this one’s for you!

Here’s a taste of some of the musical delights you can expect to hear at the release party. If you’re not local, these live performances from the album should clear up any doubts you may have as to whether to add this one to your virtual shopping cart.

Let It Go (Track 6)

Corcovado (Track 7)

Oh Well (Track 8 )

Get into this.

Tamara Wellons Official | Tamara Wellons Myspace

Continue supporting underrated artists.

*note: You can see the official album cover over at Soul Bounce. Artsy fartsty me just had to go with the inside album art.