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This picture captures just how I like to listen to my jazz.

Other than mentioning how I attend the Capital Jazz Fest every year, I don’t talk much about my love for jazz in this space. I have the feeling if I did, I’d lose a lot of readers.  Hey, you’ll have to deal with it today though.

There is only one song that immediately comes to mind when I think of jazz music. There is one song I can put on that I know will somehow take me through whatever emotions I may be experiencing at that moment. It’s a complex, beautiful piece by two of THE best to ever do it.

You may be familiar with this song from the movie Love Jones, which is where I first heard and fell in love with it.

Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, “In A Sentimental Mood”, 1962

*drops mic and walks off the stage*

Okay, I’m back for an encore.

If you call yourself a true lover of jazz, Miles Davis Kind Of Blue is essential for your collection. Not owning this album would be like having the cornflakes without the milk. I just don’t get you.

Here’s a live performance  from 1959 of “So What” from that epic album, which also happens to be the best selling jazz record of all time. Trane joins him for the performance.  I couldn’t take my eyes (or ears!) off of it. I think you’ll agree.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to check out the other old school friday participants for some more smooth jazz to get you through your day.