I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season thus far. Mama Viv arrived in town on Wednesday and we’ve been having good times watching movies, cooking, and dranking! The martinis and wine have been plentiful and will continue to flow through next week as New Years Eve promises to be a good one for me this year.

Which brings us to the theme for this week: Songs You Can Drink To.

I immediately thought of my first choice, “Rather Be With You,” by Bootsy Collins. That song  just makes you want to kick back, put your feet up and sip something real slow. Or for those that like to get down in other ways, it’s the perfect song for that as well. Some of you may remember this from the Academy Award worthy  film, Baby Boy.

While we got our minds on Snoop, although I think this will be a popular choice for today, I just have to post “Gin and Juice.” I used to wear my  Doggystyle cassette out! Knew all the words. Mama Viv and I were just at the liquor store joking about how we were going to be sipping up on some gin and juice.

I doubt there will be a lot of posts today so would be a great time to visit some of the other Old School Friday participants. I would probably have taken the day off as well but I get antsy if I go more than a few days without writing something here. Enjoy the rest of your holiday! I plan to.