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Just sharing some news on the 2009 album releases homefront.

I did say I would shut this whole shit down if we didn’t get an album from D’Angelo  this year. It’s looking increasingly like my side eye might finally get a rest after nine long years. (Thanks Fresh!)


Billboard is reporting  that the forthcoming album will be called “James River” (I can dig it!) and will include collabos with Raphael Saadiq, Roy Hargrove, Cee-Lo Green, Mark Ronson, and….HWSNBN!!! If and when that happens, I’ll do nothing else for the foreseeable future but listen to that track on repeat 24/7.

The album doesn’t yet have a release date other than a vague, “this summer” which doesn’t put my side eye palpitations totally at rest. Sorta like putting a ring on it with no definitive date on the horizon.

He’s also planning  to tour here and in Europe. Again, I’ll believe it when I see some dates and venues announced and an increase in Ramen noodle sales in order to be able to afford the tickets. But I do actually have hope!

Now on to an artist who leaves me with absolutely no doubt that his album will be in our waiting hands this summer: Eric Roberson.

He said at the concert the other night that the album is about 95% done. He expects to record for another month and it’s a wrap!

The other night he performed another new song, which I hope makes the album. The very sexy, yet funky, “The Power That Kisses Hold”

If this is any indication of what we’re about to see on “The Newness” or “Music Fan,” we’re in for a musical treat…as if there was any doubt.