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by vivrant thang on new van hunt music


So it’s been a year since the shelving of the Popular album . Well, it was shelved for some. Ya’ll pirates are probably grooving it right now! I was fortunate to experience his live performance of many tracks from the long lost album.  Truly a Bilal-esque Love for Sale experience where you will forever bemoan the fact that the album didn’t see the light of day.

According to his Myspace blog, Van Hunt is currently awaiting word on the fate of his next album, which I’m highly anticipating. I wish the man would truly find a way to go independent and be done with all this label bullshit. Seems like things may be moving that way. He certainly has the fan base, almost a cult-like following. The EVANgelists ride hard. And I mean that in a good way. Make no mistake about it. If there was a Bilal cult, I’d be the HNIC.

So while we wait, he decided to share some tracks for our listening pleasure. They won’t appear on said album though. So consider them bonus tracks.

He says,

While i await the fate of my new record, i decided to let ya’ll hear some things that will not appear on the new record. i like the ideas presented here, but, they will probably not see the light of day for a long time; and i wanted to share them with somebody. it is likely that only musicians will like the sounds. maybe not. either way, they will not be up for long. so, pirates, on your mark, get set, download!

He didn’t have to tell me twice! As long as I got his permission and all.

There are a few beautiful instrumental tracks, my favorite being “I Only Want To Conquer You.”  Did I mention that Van comes up with the best song titles? It’s got a funky, seventies soul feel to it. I can dig it.

I simply love the tone and purity of Van’s voice. He’s one of the artists I think could pull off an entirely acoustic album.

Listen to I Love You, Madly.

Two other standout tracks which stay true to his style, yet still feel fresh and experimental are


The Look of Sincere Pleasure

I don’t know about you all but these tracks have definitely heightened my excitement about the album. If this meets the same fate as Popular, I’m joining the EVANgelists and calling for an independent revolution!

Let me know what you think of these tracks in the comments.