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You’ll be seeing a lot of “rewind selectors” here in the coming weeks as I’ve discovered a ton of concert videos that I never uploaded to the You Tube channel and shared with you.

As you know, I spent Valentine’s night stanning for Bilal. He rolled solo that night, sans his back up singers. Raheem Devaughnwas in the house and all too happy to rock with “one of the most talented muhfuckers in the game.”

He helped Bilalout on backing vocals for a few songs and then took the stage and freestyled over “White Turns to Grey,” the panty-dropper on his lost album, Love for Sale.

Rah, you’re doing it right here. Cut the crap and get back on task. And did I hear mention of he and Bilal on tour? Well, we would need to get an album from Bilal first of course. Imagine that. 0_O

I wasn’t in the mood to play Mata Hari that night so I actually obeyed the no recording rule for the most part. Besides, I’m a lover not a fighter at heart. Other than capturing Raheem, I only pulled the camera out to get the end of what turned out to be the last song. Sound problems on the venue’s janky system brought about an abrupt end to “Make Me Over,” which Bilal soulfully mixed with “Planet Rock.”

Stay tuned for a mini-review with video of Omar in concert. If you’re in DC and missed this one for no good reason, I don’t really get you.

Also get ready to go inside the artist’s studio with Erik Rico. You don’t want to miss this cat preaching the gospel of industry rule number 4080.