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At the Jazzy Soul Collective show in Virginia recently, Anthony David performed two new songs that I hope show up on his next album. I would rush him but it’s a holistic process and all and you can’t get in the middle of that. It will come when it comes.

Meanwhile take a listen to “I Got a Girlfriend” and “As Above So Below.” You may remember “I Got a Girlfriend” from over at SoulBounce a few months back. Check him out performing it live.

“As  Above” truly knocked me off my feet. You can hear me actually say “Wow” at the end of the video. It’s a  beautifully haunting song and a bit of a different sound for Acey Ducey. I  get to really hear all the gravel, likka and cigaweed in his voice on this one. <<—-good thing

Check out Anthony’s newly launched blog  for tour information, rants, and just some truly introspective writing about whatever the hell is on his brain. Or follow him on Twitter. He’s one of the few artists on there that’s actually worth following.