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You already know how I feel about Omar. I don’t travel four hours for just any ole artist.

So when this news showed up in my Facebook news feed, I hitmydougiedroppeddownandgotmyeagleon!


Omar IS ‘the man’ and it’s been far too long—almost 7 years to be exact—since we’ve had a full length effort from the godfather of UK soul. The album has been ready for some time now but he had to first find a new label home.  “The Man” will feature a re-release of perennial favorite “There’s Nothing Like This.” I don’t know how he can improve on perfection but I am here for it!

To tide us over to that glorious day (hopefully in March) when “The Man” is finally released, feast your ears on a few tracks he’s blessed with his vocals this year.

Are you familiar with Omar’s music? Are you as excited about this news as I am?

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Update: Thanks to Phonte of The Foreign Exchange for tweeting out this video of Omar on the streets of Copenhagen singing what may be the title track of the new album.  This thing right here…..this is why I traveled four hours to see this man in concert.