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Straight from the mouth of Wise and Daddy-o
Do a crime end up in jail and gotta go
Cause you could do crime and get paid today
And tomorrow you’re behind bars in the worst way
Far from your family, cause you’re locked away
Now tell me, do you really think crime pays?

 Call me unsympathetic. Demand my black card back. However, I will not be donning a “Free Michael Vick” or a “Free TI” t-shirt. Those negroes are going down and they both deserve it.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse with the Micheal Vick situation. I’ll simply say that while I agree that there are many factors that are causing him to receive harsher treatment, the fact is he still committed a crime. He did a dumb ass thing and he’s paying dearly for it…as he should.

My issue with Michael and TI is that they were both blessed beyond measure to have come from nothing and now see more money than most of us will ever see in ten lifetimes. And you choose to piss away that blessing by getting involved in some mess like this? I know some people elevate celebrities to these high standards of behavior and forget that they are human. Hell yes, I’m expecting a higher standard of behavior. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Let’s look at this TI case. As I’m writing this, he’s in an Atlanta courtroom for his bond hearing. All his family is supposed to be there, including the kids, to show that he’s a family man who needs to be there with them. Oh please! The judge should say ask whether he was thinking about his family when he was in that parking lot. I don’t think the kids should be there anyway. They don’t need to see their father in that situation…for the thousandth time.

 His lawyers are going to ask for house arrest. Frankly, I hope it’s denied. He needs to sit in that cell for a long time and figure out why he continues to get involved in criminal activity. I thought he was more intelligent than that. You are on probation because your rap sheet is longer than my arm. WHY are you in a parking lot picking up guns with silencers?! I don’t care if it’s because as his friend Sandra Rose says, he’s fascinated by guns and is an avid collector. Your sheet reads like a career criminal. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a gun because I wouldn’t want any misunderstandings. Try collecting stamps.

 You ain’t guarding the door / so what you got a gun for?

 It may sound like I can’t stand TI. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I am a neo-soul, r&b and jazz head first.  I love hip-hop, not rap. There are very rappers who I can stand to listen to. TI is one of them. Everytime “You Know What It Is” comes on, I don’t turn the radio. I’m rocking like I’m in the club. I actually enjoyed his performance in ATL. I guess you can say I’m somewhat of a fan. And that’s what makes this so very disappointing to me. You are starring in a movie alongside DENZEL. This man can pick and choose who he wants to have in his movies. He allowed you to share the screen with him!  What did he think was around the corner next? At what point would a sane man want to leave that hood shit alone?

I’m just disgusted with some of these black male celebrities in particular that are on the verge of greatness and can’t leave Pookie and Ray Ray alone. Tell them Negroes to beat it. You’re good now. Once you reach that level, you just can’t hang with the same people because they are going to destroy you. I know it goes against the whole code of hood ethics. Damn all that! You get back by giving back to the hood and building up those communities and that’s as far as it needs to go. Your boys don’t need to be on your “payroll” and taking up space in your crib if they still aren’t truly about changing their lives around. You need to surround yourself with businessmen because you’re now a business, man.

So now the feds got TI and he’s looking at some serious time. They won’t even think about cutting him a break. His girl is pregnant. The son is traumatized and injured from the tear gas. And he was on the verge of greatness. When he’s sitting in that cell, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

This is truly a case of self-destruction.

Deep in the heart of the matter
The self-destruction is served on a platter
Makin a day not failing to anticipate
They got greedy so they fell for the bait
That makes them a victim, picked then plucked
New jack in jail, but to the vets they’re a duck