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by vivrant thang on maxwell is coming!

On Saturday, November 15 at the Landmark Theatre in Richmond,  I’ll be fourth row center, gasping and swooning as this man reminds me why I’ve been in love since I pressed play on Urban Hang Suite twelve years ago.  Why I still hold on even after seven whole years…and not a word from you.

If he flicks his sweat into the crowd, ya’ll pray some of it falls on me. Even though I’ll likely flatline and need medical attention.

Can’t forget that Jazmine Sullivan will be opening – which is the cherry on top. I should have spent considerable time with her album by then and will be excited to get a first live look at what she’s working with. You all know that’s how I measure whether I pump it or dump it. Whether I’m a stan or a lightweight fan. It’s all about how I feel when I’m watching this person perform inches away from me.

As always, I’ll do my best to bring my loyal readers and subscribers to the channel anything I can. It will likely truly be a labor of love and a test of my fortitude and slickery. Yes, slickery.

Tickets ain’t no joke so I’m sure many will have to pass on this show. I sacrifice and peanut butter and dine on peanut butter and jelly and Ramen noodles just for ya’ll.

Have a great weekend. I know mine is off to a great start.

*skips away from the computer*

PS I know he no longer looks like this but…I just want to hold on a little longer. Don’t judge me.