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by vivrant thang on all about me

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

Friday evening, I took myself to see Tyler Perry’s new movie, Family That Preys. LOVED. IT. And I’m far from a Tyler Perry fan. This is only the second movie of his that I’ve really enjoyed. (Why Did I Get Married?was the other). So believe me when I say, support this movie. Maybe then we will see less of Madea and her tomfoolery.

Saturday, I went to the Kennedy Center’s Open House, a day of exposure to all the artistic, musical and cultural offerings of this historic institution. It made me smile to see all the families out with their small children who were playing with musical instruments, drawing, and participating in other creative outlets.


However, the top item on my agenda was to see Algebra Blessett perform. I’ve been a fan for a while now but I’ve never seen her live. I have her last album, Purpose, and I have to admit I wasn’t feeling it save a couple of songs, “Run and Hide,” and “What Happened.” So I was especially anxious to see her live performance. As I’ve mentioned before, a great stage show can turn me from a fan into a stan.  She did not disappoint. Check out her reggae-flavored version of “Run and Hide,” complete with a side of Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain”and Jazmine Sullivan’s “Need U Bad.”

I got my album signed and also took a picture with her. We got that glow like Shonuff and Leroy, huh?!

On the way home, I popped the album back in and sure enough, I gained more appreciation for it. I definitely still have my stand out tracks, mostly on the first half of the album. Algebra will be on my list of artists to support whenever she is in my area.

That same day, I moseyed on over to the Silver Spring Jazz Festival. I was there to finally catch Marcus Johnson Project, one of the premiere jazz acts out of the DC area. I’ve been in the area almost ten years and I have never managed to catch him live. I’ve been sleeping. He had me grooving out there under the stars along with all the other jazz aficionados. Clearly, I’ve been sleeping.

I wasn’t able to get many videos as taping wasn’t “allowed” and I was too mellow to don my undercover operative hat. Here he is covering Floetry’s “Say Yes.” Sax man Marcus Anderson came up from North Carolina to sit in on the set.

Ironically, what made these days so wonderful for me is that the only company I had for the majority of the weekend (other than fellow music fans) was me, myself and I. I was telling my mother that I think I’m beginning to enjoy my own company a bit too much – especially after my solo vacation! I just loved be-bopping down the street at my leisure and doing what I wanted to do in my own time without having to take anyone else into account. 

Although I ended the weekend by joining a fabulous group of women for the first meeting of our new Sunday Brunch/Dinner group, the   still that time spent alone. Although I’m an extrovert, on occasion “me time” is just what the doctor ordered.

*Note: Raphael Saadiq concert review coming up on Wednesday. I know, a date late. coming very soon. I blame football. Meantime, cop The Way I See It, which is in stores TODAY.