by vivrant thang on my favorite things 

Christmas has been my favorite season since I was an itty bitty thang.

 See that light in my eyes and that slobber running down my legs? I’m giddy with excitement over what’s going to be underneath that tree for me on the big day!

One of the things that makes me feel especially festive is Christmas music. I am actually one of those people who enjoys listening to it in the stores as I’m out shopping. At home, I’ve got three mixed CDs of classic and current soul and r&b Christmas music that I love to play.

What is your favorite classic soul Christmas song? Bounce on to one of my favorite music sites and vote. Leave a comment if you think they are straight trippin’ and left the best holiday song off the list.

For me, hands down, Donnie Hathaway’s This Christmas will always reign supreme. Not even a question. Right now, I’m not the only one that thinks so because it has a commanding lead.

Let me know how you voted.