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James Brown was the hardest working man in show business, rest his soul. Tom Joyner is the hardest working man in radio. Let it be known that Eric Roberson is the hardest working independent artist in soul music. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen Erro perform. Butta’s count is eight.  Then again, she is the Head Negress in Charge of the Erro Stan Association. (Try googling anything Eric Roberson and see how many times her blog comes up). Ya’ll should already know ’bout me. Besides, since he’s a Giants fan I can only give him so much love. I’m just sayin.

Everytime I see this man perform is truly an experience. He doesn’t just sing, he performs. His charm and sense of humor keep you entertained during what can end up being a three-hour show. He can fluently switch between rocking out and the “sexy part of the show,” or the music you can put on to “seal the deal.” Amen to that! His freestyles are the illest, with the exception of the one he did on Sunday at the Eden’s Lounge show in Baltimore mentioning his beloved Giants, who had just beat my Eagles earlier that day. He almost caught a bad one.


I don’t play.

Nah, I got love for my fellow Jersey native. Roselle (where I grew up) and his hometown, Rahway, are a hop, skip and a jump from each other. I used to get some good fried fish over there. I wonder if I ever saw Erro in that spot way back when. Hmm…

He just returned from a European tour, which he details on his very entertaining blog about life as an independent artist. I’m glad he’s back and giving us the hotness again here in the states. I was also excited to hear that he is working on his 6th album, although his latest release, …Left, still gets regular play on the ‘pod.

If you have never had the Erro experience, get ready. As always, this is just a sample. More over on the You Tube channel. You can also check out Butta’s channel for the Erro experience at previous shows.

Let me know what you think in the comments. You can find out more about Erro on his blog and on his Myspace where he keeps his tour schedule. Nice interview here as well.

Change for Me

Softest Lips (from the sexy part of the show)
Check out how he blended in the cover of “Adore”)

Been in Love

Throwback! Throwback!
The Moon, his first single released in ’94