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by vivrant thang on feeding the music jones and let’s rock

As you can see from my concert calendar, the year has been off to a great start musically.

New Years Day Butta and I took our clown act on the road to rock with Eric Roberson up in Philly at one of my favorite venues, World Cafe Live. It was a seated show, which was a little different flavor for us. However, we rolled with it.

There was an opening act, but I’m not even going to waste my cyberbreath on that mess.  I’ll let you see it and weep.

I’ve already told you how Erro gets down. I was able to capture video of him performing some of his older music:

Couldn’t Hear Me Over The Music

Only For You

Curt is sick on that guitar, I tell you.

Part of what makes an Erro show so enjoyable is the fact that he must have been an actor in a former life. He’s not just a talented singer. He’s a true performer, an entertainer who truly connects with his audience. Basically, you can count on him to cut a fool at some point in the show. Check out his advice to the single brothers on how to “close the deal,” a bit a he usually does preceding what he calls, the “sexy part of the show.”

Although Erro was great and all, the highlight of the whole trip was seeing Jill Scott hanging out in the crowd after the show like she’s not the hottest selling ticket out there right now. She was rolling so low key that Butta didn’t immediately recognize her until she flashed that sunny Colgate smile. I would stan for her too but shiiit, like I told you she’s a hot ticket and until I get a sponsor, I’m not gonna be able to do it.


There are other pics under the link, courtesy of Butta, but I love this one. Check out ole boy in the background. He got love all in his eyes for Jill. I feel ya, homie!

Anyhow, Erro and Curt came down the road a few days later for the rescheduled Tribute to Prince’s Sign O The Times and Parade.


I was excited about this show and it did not disappoint, despite what some buffoons may say. I captured just about every performance over at the spot. Here are a few of the highlights.

The lovely Navasha Daya of Fertile Ground almost started a “Housequake” at the club!

Memo to Curt Chambers of Franklin Bridge : If I got knocked up after the show because of your orgasmic performance of “U Got The Look“, you better have five on the Similac!

Now, any Raheem Devaughn stans might to click the little x in the top right corner because I got a major bone to pick with him. You know I got love for Rah. I mean “Woman” rated pretty high on my Top 10 list. I had even forgiven him for his previous Patti Labelle-ish antics. However, he has put our love affair in SERIOUS jeopardy by not knowing the words to my favorite Prince song ever, “Adore. “

Let me give you a minute because I know you’re just as upset about this as I am.

There’s more.

He also didn’t know the words to “Kiss.”


Not to mention, how you gonna show up and do a tribute to an icon like His Purple Royalness and not know the words to two of his most famous songs? Even if he was a last minute addition, everyone should know the words to these two songs, particularly if you’re going to be performing them.

That’s all I can say about this one because I’m spent just reliving the whole thing. Here’s the video evidence of this travesty. If Prince should happen to grace a Grammy party with his presence and run into Raheem, I hope he bitch slaps him.



Next up on the concert scene: Reports from Martin Luther’s acoustic set, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and Teedra Moses.