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by vivrant thang on side eye of the week


Hil, you should have gotten the side-eye from me last week, but you’re lucky I was on deadline and not able to rant about your shenanigans. I wish I could say you hadn’t given me any more material this week.

Frankly, I’m pissed with you.

Because your campaign has crashed and burned, I must now *gulp* turn into an Obama stan. We already know I was a supporter, but I still respected those that chose to support you. I even said I could potentially support your candidacy should you steal win the nod.

Now I can’t see how anyone legitimately thinks you still have a chance in hell.

What was up with all that changing campaign managers midway through the game? That’s like changing coaches in the middle of the Super Bowl. It was messy and distracting. If you can’t handle your business at this juncture, how can we believe you’re ready to go up against the Republicans, let alone right this sinking ship? Your finances are in the toilet. We won’t get into all of your other foolishness. Then you bring in a Black woman to clean up your mess? Sorry Hil, we got out of that business a long time ago.

Now this week she’s trying to make a federal case out of some words Obama used in a speech? Give us a break. No need to ring the alarm.  That’s his boy. I steal slick shit that Butta  says all the time. Arrest me.

She is grasping at straws and it’s pitiful. Guess America is fed up with getting puff puff passed back and forth between the Bushies and the Clintons.

So Hil, I quit you. Obama has to win the nod. End of story. There is no room for the possibility of a Plan B anymore. Thanks to you, I got to make room on my packed calendar to attend Obamaholic Not So Anonymous Meetings.

Therefore, Hilary Clinton, you get the side eye of the week week week.

On another note, I am giving the definite side-eye to the “Pastor” issuing this so-called 30 Day Sex Challenge in response to the 50% divorce rate. Single people, be celibate for 30 days and connect with yourself (not like that!). Married folks, have sex every day for thirty days straight.

Of course it’s spreading across the web like wildfire. At the time of this posting, the official site for the challenge crashed from all the hits.

My first thought was this was some ole bull-ish. Sexing every day is not going to save a marriage that is crashing and burning. From what I can tell, when it’s bad, you barely want to touch each other and when you do, there’s no miraculous turn-around. The sex was probably not the problem. So hard conversations probably need to take place and that probably needs to be done vertically. I’ve never been married though, so any married or divorced people please school a sista. I’m only guessing here.

However, I wanted to keep an open mind so I did a little more investigating. When I came across this video, ‘Pastor” WirthLESS was on my list!

I’m sure you can cop that booklet for three easy payments of $19.95.

Lawdhamercy what a crock! Besides, he got it all wrong. You don’t need to back that thang up every day. All you need to do to keep your “pet” in line is tell him,” Sit Ubu, sit! Good dog.”

I guess I shouldn’t hate. Watching BET on Sunday mornings can corrupt any “Pastor.” However, I still had to give the good Reverend Doctor the side eye of the week week week.

Let me know what you all think of this sex challenge. Personally, I think it sounds VERY nice in theory,  just not feasible. Besides, I know from experience sex can be used to avoid the issues. I don’t see how it can bring them to the forefront in the majority of cases…unless the issue is the sex or lack thereof.

If you don’t want to be taken to the Pet Semetary, don’t read these comments.

photo credit: Stolen from Average Bro. Couldn’t resist.