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by vivrant thang on feeding the music jones and in heavy rotation


Music makes me higgghhhh!

Just back from a listening party for New AmErykah, the fifth album from the reigning Queen of Soul Bounce, Erykah Badu. It was quite a crowd of music lovers who had braved frigid temps and the threat of nasty weather in hungry anticipation of this album that has long had the streets buzzing for that honey.

It will be in stores and online on Tuesday, Savior’s Day and has the tagline, “freeing the slaves and the slave masters.”

Tall order, huh?

I’m a believer.


New AmeErykah delivers in a big way. I am already in love with this album. Judging from the crowd reaction, I’m not alone.

Entertainment Weekly calls the opening song, ”Amerykahn Promise,” ‘wonderfully bizarre.’ I told a friend it was ‘other worldly.’ (note: I was actually listening to “Twinkle.” I would call that song “wonderfully bizarre” and “other worldly,” whatever the hell that means). I’m not sure what I meant by that at the time, but that’s what came to mind. From there, the ride continued to get better.

Every single song was like a different experience, but not like the confusion and disappointment that was Worldwide Underground. She took her time with this one and it shows. I can’t wait for her other two releases later this year…although I think I will be spent after all the eargasms I’m sure to experience with New AmErykah.

You know you want some of that honey too. Act like you know on Tuesday! I’m already scoping out where I can cop mine early in the day since, MUCH to my chagrin, I no longer work right across from Best Buy.

They were giving away some promotional posters, including one of the famous album covers. I can’t wait to frame it. No hateration please.



Yes, I’ve got a red and a gold wall in my home. They don’t call me Vivrant for nothing!

Feenin for more Badu before the big day? Bounce on over and get your fill.  Stop back next week and tell me how you loved it!

* I just got another listen. Don’t ask how and it doesn’t matter. I will still be PURCHASING a copy on Tuesday. If you aren’t as thrilled by “Honey” as I am,  it is indeed the weakest song on the album. And I would only make that admission if “Mama’s Gun” was put to my head. It’s really hard to choose my favorite tracks because honestly, they all speak to me. The ones that speak the loudest so far are “Me,” and “That Hump.” When listening to Amerykahn Promise, I feel like a baddddaaaaassss ready to bust up out of a dumpster blasting!