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by vivrant thang on all about me


Understand what I’m sayin tonight
Understand where I’m comin from
Feelin really bitch yeah
And I don’t feel like be a nice to nobody
Don’t feel like smilin no
See I already know that I’m talkin

Now, now fellas don’t be scared off! I won’t be going into detail!

Anyhow, this has been a bit of a rough week. It’s hard getting adjusted to a new job after being at your old one for six years. Not to mention this job is 1000 times more busy and involved than my last one and it’s only going to get more hectic as the political season heats up. The benefits are so beyond anything I could have hoped and prayed for and the work is so important that I actually feel a responsibility (and pressure!) to get up to speed and perform way beyond expectations. Keep a reformed reforming slacker like me in your prayers.

To compound things, I am battling those three dreaded letters something awful! My emotions have run the gamut from:

  • Being driven to tears at the ending of the penultimate episode of “The Wire.”
  • Wanting to slap the beejezus out of Hillary for her continued antics. March 4th can’t come quick enough.
  • Wishing I could personally string Bobby Cutts up by his balls. 57 years isn’t enough for this animal.
  • Being driven to tears (yes, again) at the week 5 Jake/Amy episode of In Treatment
  • Extreme frustration at folks who don’t like New AmErykah – as if folks aren’t entitled to an opinion
  • Deep sadness over the news that one of my friends is leaving the area for a while for a job opportunity; instead of being happy for him, I’m more concerned with the effect his leaving will have on my life.
  • More frustration at this ridiculous inquiry into steroid use in sports. Um, can we focus on the fact that this country is going to shit and despite what Lil Bush says, we are headed for a recession. Hell, we’re essentially already there.
  • Pissed off to the highest level of pissivity that I won’t be watching the final episode of “The Wire” a week ahead
  • Major irritation at a commenter on my Top 50 R&B/Soul songs post who stated that it’s incomplete without any Aretha. Me thinks I came across a little…tight…in my response. (Sorry!) However, it’s still MY list, not the list.

Yes indeed, a lot of things got under my skin this week that probably would have rolled off my back on any other week. Thank goodness it’s coming to an end and I’ll be hitting happy hour after a long day on Friday to get my mind right over a martini or two.

There were some things that cheered me up this week:

  • Du Day over at Soul Bounce was the ish! Queen Butta, Ill Mami, and Harlem represented lovely for EBadu. I hope she peeped it.
  • Soul Music Super Tuesday. I was about to add four albums to my list to purchase when a kind soul from another hot music site hit me up offering to send copies of New AmErykah and Lizz Wright’s The Orchard. Totally out of the blue. He truly made my week.
  • I also attribute my blues to the fact that I’m having live music withdrawal. I haven’t been to a show in three weeks! No worries, that’s all about to change. Here’s the line-up for the coming months:
      • Jilly IN Philly
      • Dwele
      • Lizz Wright
      • Sy Smith
      • Alice Smith
      • Amel Larrieux
      • Amp Fiddler w/Tortured Soul & Fertile Ground
  • Capitol Jazz Fest coming in June. Line up is ridiculous!
    • Average White Band
    • Boney James
    • Ledisi
    • Erro!
    • Frank McComb
    • The Jazzy Soul Collective (w/Vikter Duplaix and Gordon Chambers)
    • Howard Hewett (If he sings Once, Twice, Three Times, I’m DONE)
    • Wayman Tisdale
    • Down To The Bone

I feel better already.