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by vivrant thang on whatta man


Goin’ through thick and thin, brothas you gonna win
I’m so proud of you
Whenever you’re facin’ doubt, brotha’s gon’ work it out
I’m so proud of you
I got unshakable faith in ya

I’m sure many of you have seen these two clips of Derrick Ashong, a truly informed and passionate Obama supporter who was “interviewed” outside of the Los Angeles debates last month. The journalist approached and asked him why he was an Obama supporter. Of course he assumed that Derrick would say, “I’oun know. Cause he colored like me.” He wasn’t prepared for this.

Because a black man can’t simply be intelligent, well-read, and well-informed, he was accused of being a plant. So he was moved to post a response video that was even more inspiring than the first. I know someone in Obama’s camp has shown him this. This brotha should be somewhere on your team, Mr. President.

Although these videos have been posted since early last month, I have received them several times just this past week. I’m excited they have become such a viral sensation. Derrick is inspiring in so many ways, particularly with his immense gratitude for the very opportunity to have a voice in this political process. Watching him speak so fluently on Obama’s platform, as if he had a hand in developing it, has me back to studying the official website so I can be even more informed. I hope he inspires others to do that as well.

These video also made me realize how much I admire a man that has above average intelligence and is passionate about something (besides sports). I’ve always been drawn to men that are intelligent, perhaps even smarter than me. Or I should say stronger in areas where my knowledge may be lacking. I have a good male friend that I’ve known for years who I could ask about most any subject and he will be able to give me a mini-dissertation on it. It’s not even that he is that well-read or that he has an advanced degree. He just knows things and I always find myself impressed by the breadth of his knowledge. I may come off as worldly, (or maybe I don’t!) but there’s a lot I don’t know. Sure I can look it up – and I do when I have to.  But nothing wrong with having a beautiful brown brotha break it down so it can forever and consistently be broke.