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Just returned from the Emily King and Peter Hadar show. I must admit I’ve been sleeping on both of these artists, even though Emily was nominated for a Grammy. She just wasn’t on my radar. That all changed tonight. I’ll have a full review and photos as soon as I get my technical difficulties cleared up. *

I was glad this show was tonight as I needed some music therapy to help me recover from the Super Tuesday results and all that blather about Hil’s comeback. Whatever. Again, I can’t entertain that or I’ll be ready to pull the Goose out the freezer.

Enough political talk.

As I mentioned last week, I was in a funk and what better way to recover than a little musical retail therapy. I decided to make a dent in my to-purchase list. Never mind that I need to book a plane ticket to Barbados. Maybe that’s a bad example. Ok, never mind the car insurance is due. Or that I got a hefty dental bill for some shit I shouldn’t have to pay for. (That’s another rant). Or that I need to purchase a new 750G hard drive for video storage so I can keep sharing the love.

Forget all this. I needed some new flava in my ears.

I hit up CD Depot to dig through their crates. For those outside the area, they specialize in carrying rare and out-of-print albums. Current stuff as well. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed. Replaced my lost/stolen copies of Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, Mint Condition’s From the Mint Factory, and Tony! Toni, Tone’s The Revival. I also snatched up the last copy of Hil St Soul’s Copasetik & Cool.

Still needed more.

I poured over my want lists on Amazon and Dusty Grooves and here’s what I have on the way.


When I arrived home tonight, I was pleased to discover the Nicolay’s Here had already arrived.  I’m giddy with excitement as I’ve really been getting into producers lately. I racked up on Dilla a few months back and have really been feeling Nicolay and 9th Wonder as of late.

I still got so far to go as I discover more good stuff almost daily. Nova’s soulful house mix is pure fire. If you’re not moving the minute you press play, something is wrong with you! Had people giving me the side eye on the Metro. Got me all in love with house again and even more hyped to see Tortured Soul at the end of the month. Just discovering them as well.

Industry Soul  hipped me to Afta 1 and Marie Tweek. Got to get them into my life.

Emily King is on my list as well. Should be on yours too.

So what’s making your IPOD smile these days?

*Video from the Omar, Fertile Ground and Yazarah show is forthcoming as well.