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by vivrant thang on lalah hathaway

I really need to be cloned.

Vivrant II would have been at this networking event. Vivrant III would have been home writing my Jill Scott concert review (tomorrow, I promise!). Vivrant I overrode both of them and made her way to a live taping of a new show coming to BETJ called Inside The Round. The featured artist was Lalah Hathaway – daughter of Donny Hathaway – for the few who may not be familiar with her music. Since I only own one greatest hits album, I can’t say I’m a true blue Lalah fan. That may soon change.

After stuffing my face with some tasty Jamaican jerk chicken, coco bread, pineapple soda, and some of the freshest fruit I’ve ever had, I made my way over the the intimate, candlelit set along with some other music-loving ladies I had just met. They took seats in the very front. I’m a more behind-the-scenes type of chick (no, really) so I was a bit uncomfortable being in the front. Michael Gipson of SoulTracks (a site you should be checking out) gave me that gentle push I needed.

Accompanied by a pianist, Lalah took the “stage” and sang three songs: “Something,” “Forever, For Always, For Love,” and “Summertime.” She kept encouraging us to give her more energy, wanting us to sing along and dance. She didn’t get it. I think we were all so mesmerized by her presence and the pure, natural beauty of her voice that all we could go was smile, snap our fingers, and groove. Even in it’s brevity, it was far more than a show. It was an experience. When some artists perform, you can almost see their musical influences sitting on their shoulders talking ’bout “you betta sannnnggg girl!”  

I must say I was slightly disappointed because I expected a live performance of some of the tracks from her upcoming June release, Self Portrait. After hearing it playing in the background since I arrived, I was hungry to hear  the songs instead of just listening. Lalah fans, you are in for a treat with by this one. Every track I listened to, I felt. She says she’s in love with it…and I am too.

Great event and I was blessed to have been a part of it. I’m not an industry type or a professional music writer. I’m just a woman who has a passion for this thing we call soul music. I “scribble” some words about that love a few times a week.  Who knew it would start opening doors in unexpected places? Love what you do…and do what you love people.

I do – and Lalah damn sure does!

Here’s one of my favorite Lalah tracks, “Baby Don’t Cry.”