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by vivrant thang on maxwell’s bet performance

I screamed at the top of my lungs like I had no sense…and no neighbors. Then I felt faint. I couldn’t stop saying “Oh my God!!!”

I miss the hair but HE’S still “Simply Beautiful.” And he’s still got IT!

I have never recorded anything off of the television before because one, I prefer to stick to live concerts. Two, both of my televisions are old as hell (as you’ll see). However, I had to make an exception.

Groove with me, ya’ll.

update 6/26: Well Debra got her panties in a bunch so my video has been deleted from Da Tube. Hope you got to watch it. I’m sure others will pop up because BET will re-air the awards bout fifty eleven times. You can watch it and other performances at the BET site.

Update: 6/27: Sssh! I’m reposting again courtesy of my girl DJ Diva. Let’s see how long this lasts! Get it while it’s hot!

Now pray with me… that he hurries up this way again.

Leave some love on his Myspace page, which he personally updates.

I’ll talk a bit about the rest of the BET Awards as soon as my side-eye heals a bit (hint, hint). Meantime, for a hilarious play-by-play and some major tomfoolery in the comment section, check out Butta’s live blog over at Soul Bounce.