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by vivrant thang on old school fridays

Thank the Lawd it’s Friday! Last couple of Fridays, I actually stayed in if you can believe it. Not that staying in is always a bad thing – if ya know what I mean! But I am ready to get out and jump start another musically delicious weekend.

Tonight, I’ll be going to hear some live music at a spot popular with the locals for it’s strong dranks and good, greasy food to soak it up with. Saturday, can you believe I will actually miss Bilal to be out at an outdoor ampitheatre enjoying the sounds of Rahsaan Patterson and Kindred. I know, I can’t believe it either. Sunday is up in the air. I have a ticket to see Raheem, Chrisette and Dwele. But I may end up in Baltimore for the African American Heritage Festival, even though I said I wasn’t fooling with them anymore after the way they treated Bilal. I’ll hold a grudge for my baby now!

Anyhow, the theme this week is “kid groups” and it is right on time as I really re-discovered some real feel-good music. These videos made me reminisce and smile. You should have seen me up there trying to do the moves. I was quickly reminded that I am no longer the spry teenybopper I was when these groups were in their prime.

ABC (Another Bad Creation or as I like to call them “All Bebe’s Chillun” ) You know they look like they were really bad!

Another Bad Creation (sometimes called ABC for short) is a R&B and rap musical group from Atlanta, Georgia. They were discovered by Michael Bivins. Bivins served as manager and producer of the group, who became a part of the short-lived East Coast Family alongside such acts as Bell Biv DeVoe and Boyz II Men. BC’s debut album Coolin’ at the Playground Ya Know! was released in 1991. The album’s two biggest singles were the first and second singles: “Iesha” and “Playground”. A cover of New Edition’s song “Jealous Girl” followed. (Wiki)

Normally, I would have posted all three, but we’ve been slapped on the hand for posting too many. So I’m going with “Jealous Girl” because for one, it’s all about that grind at 1:40. Secondly, tell me you don’t fall out when one of them little birdchested crumbsnatchers tells ole girl “Don’t even try it. Well I guess you win some and you lose some. Point blank girl you lost this one.”

The Boys

The Boys was an R&B quartet comprised of the four Abdulsamad brothers, Khiry (born in 1973), Hakim (born in 1975), Tajh (born in 1976), and Bilal (born in 1979). The group started out singing in Carson, California. As an act, the group was very self-sufficient, writing and producing their own music. The group befriended Babyface in 1985. Together with L.A. Reid, the two men crafted the tracks “Lucky Charm,” “A Little Romance,” and “Dial My Heart.” The public loved the songs as well as “Dial My Heart” reached #1 on the R&B charts in 1988. The Boys released their debut album, Messages From The Boys during the same year and it performed very well. The Boys second album was their self-titled The Boys, which was released in 1990. The album featured a hit single with “Crazy” which reached #1 in the same year. (Wiki)

I still love this video and how it spoofs hits like “Thriller,” “Rhythm Nation,” and “Every Little Step” – to name a few. Not to mention I had a MAJOR crush on Hakeem. I am thrilled to see he has aged quite nicely. Himand his brothers are still making music today under the name Suns of Light. Who knew? Their Daddy even has a You Tube channel set up featuring their old and new music. This is a “Where Are They Now” with a happy ending.

This last one is dedicated to someone special. I like the way!

Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to check out other OSF Participants!

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