by vivrant thang on all about me

Sara smile
Wont you smile a while for me

My smile is probably my best feature.

Sometimes when my smile would become M.I.A., like is has been for much of this week, one of my exes would play this song for me and it would do the trick. It will always hold a special place in my heart, hence its inclusion on my top fifty songs list.

This week has been full of interesting occurrences, some that made my side eye to go into overdrive, much like John Oates in the album cover above. (He’s got a wicked one doesn’t he?) I’m quite sure some of the foolishness will show up in an upcoming post.

In the midst of all that, there have been some bright spots in my week:

I discovered that my Erykah Badu Voodoo tour concert review was posted on, a fan site that linked up from her official website. It’s under the “Reviews” section (May 10th Baltimore show). Very cool. Makes me definitely want to stay on top of these reviews. You never know where they will end up or what may come out of it.

Tonight, I’ll be rocking out with one of my new favorite groups, J*Davey. I last saw them up in Philly during the Roots Picnic. Since it was on hell outside I really couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted to. They are in town with Muhsinah, a local artist who gives a…shall we just say instrastin’ stage show. But her beats are the business. It’s funny because I predicted this show weeks ago when I created a J*Davey/Muhsinah playlist the ‘pod. Seemed like a good fit at the time for some reason.

I got some hateration and holleration about my Rock The Bells experience🙂 Because I love ya’ll, I slipped those videos ahead of  the ones from the Anthony David/N’Dambi show on Friday night. And that was hard because I now have a major girl crush on her. In any event, I have been reminiscing all week over the hottest show I’ve been to this year thus far. 

Here’s a little more for you. Don’t Sweat The Technique!

Got me all hyped for the Legends of Hip Hop show in a couple of weeks. Mc Lyte, Whodini, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, and Doug E Fresh will be in the building. My seats are pretty much front row so you might hear about some crazy lady trying to jump up there with Big Daddy Kane.

Anyhow, got a few more videos to get up on the You Tube channel of De La Soul and Meth & Redman. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Saturday I’m looking forward to falling in love all over again with Ms. Jilly from Philly and hopefully Estelle. I am really feeling her style and what I’ve heard off of her album, which I’ve yet to get my hands on. Soon and very soon. I really hope her stage show is all that I think it will be. I should have some great video from this show as we actually have pavilion seating this time. So no screen shooting 🙂

Exactly three weeks from Sunday, I will be lying on the beach in Barbados for eight straight days sipping on rum punch after rum punch and trying to behave myself. I was lucky to get out of Jamaica alive. I’m sayin. I’ve been planning the itinerary this week and it’s really going to be a good time.

I’m also looking forward to the duty free shopping – especially on liquor. I came back from Jamaica with so much that the customs agent gave me the serious side eye. I thought he was going to sic that dog on me.

This trip will be so on time as this job has had me locked down on probation since February. I’m almost delivered, thank you lawd! When I get back from Barbados, ATL is up next. One of my very good friends moved down there for a cushy job at Morehouse. I’m trying to satisfy this wanderlust for real!

Hmmmm….I got a lot to smile about after all.