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by vivrant thang on old school friday

I didn’t have to put much thought into this one. There is only ONE  way this could have gone down on a blog named Songs In The Key of Life. We are going to celebrate Stevie as much as we can in these parts. Didn’t matter that he will probably be a popular choice today. That’s just the way it has to go down. Besides, I needed some Stevie today after witnessing an incidence of DWB (driving while black) while I was in the midst of enjoying a concert.

The 8th Wonder of the World has been signed to Motown since he was twelve. He is now 58. With the label, he has produced “35 U.S. albums – 28 major studio releases – with album sales totaling more than 72 million units. The singer/songwriter has scored more than 30 Top Ten Hits, 11 #1 Pop singles, winning 19 Grammys (and a Lifetime Achievement Grammy in ’96).”

Bow down to the “Master Blaster” with two songs from the early stages of his career that surely have that Motown sound.

Hey Love, 1966

Uptight (Everything Is Alright), 1966

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