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by vivrant thang on old school friday

Old School Friday…oh how I missed thee!

Perfect theme to come back to. I am the QUEEN of babymaking music…without the baby of course. I just like practicing.

Don’t ask how I know but a Luther album was likely spinning when I was conceived. However, I decided to  go with a group that will always have a place on any babymaking soundtrack I put together – The Isley Brothers.  Appropriately, they have  an album called BabyMaking Music.

So many songs from this legendary group over the years that I could have chosen. What you know about “Between The Sheets?” “Caravan of Love?” Or maybe some “Footsteps In The Dark?”

Ya’ll don’t know nothing about that. So let me set the scene for you.

First, he asks you to “Spend The Night”

During which he is hoping and praying that you’ll be an “Instatiable Woman”

After it’s all over, if you’re lucky, you’ll feel like you’ve just taken a “Voyage To Atlantis.”

You can thank me later by naming your little girl or boy after me. Hit me up privately for the government name 🙂


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