I’m not fooling with  HWSNBN’s (he who shall not be named) and his web sheriff!

I just may take down this post tomorrow so I won’t be guilty by association.

It wasn’t hard to come up with my favorite HWSNBN songs since I’ve already got them all listed here. My top two are “Adore” and “Purple Rain.” I figured they would be popular choices.

If I was able to embed flash videos on this wordpress template (I tell you, an sitkol.com may be in my future), I would have posted a little:

As you can tell, I like nasty HWSNBN. He definitely has several spots on my babymaking practice soundtracks.

When I’m not on the babymaking HWSNBN tip, these two songs always make a sister feel good.

I Would Die For You (ending of Purple Rain)

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (love the video!)

I can’t wait to see what everyone else pulls out of the vault.

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