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I decided to do a bit of a different take on the theme for this week, which is “Fight Song For Your Candidate.” What is the song he needs to win; his background music; his call to battle?

I can’t believe we are now four days away from a Black man being the leader of the free world. While I’m excited beyond what I can even express to you here, I can’t help but think of what’s ahead for him. The first Black president digging us out of the deepest ditch this country has ever been in after eight years of Lil Bush’s fuck ups.  I can’t wrap my mind around the sleepless nights ahead as he tries to govern in a world where there are animals already wishing him dead.

There is only one person who is going to get him through this. There’s no way he would be where he is without her. And he will not make it through the first one hundred days without her having his back. Her voice and soothing presence will be his background music – and his fight song in the tough days ahead.

Today, I chose three songs that celebrate their love.

Mariah Carey/Pavarotti, “Hero”

Anita Baker, “You Bring Me Joy”

Curtis Mayfield, “The Makings Of You”

 As I prepare to press publish, a McCain attack ad is playing on the television.  Can someone please press the fast forward button?


This is a great theme this week. Please visit the other Old School Friday participants for more good theme music for this historic campaign.

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