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So we’ve covered my favorite songs of the year that you’ve probably never heard. More great suggestions showed up in the comments. Keep them coming. It should go without saying that I highly recommend each of the albums from which those songs came.

The following list of albums were in constant rotation as well. However, I absolutely could not pick a favorite song from any of them. Every song had me grooving harder than the last. Each song had me feeling harder than the one before.

Green Tea is a local DC artist I’ve been following for a few years now.Her second release, Dosage II: Choices has completely blown me away. She is one to watch.

If you need to be convinced to check out Maiysha’s debut album, you may be swayed by the fact that she was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. Again for her debut album.

I’m going to stop calling myself a true soulful house fan because I was late getting Reel People’s latest release. But once I pressed play, I couldn’t stop. Expect this album to show up again.

Major props to the good folks over at Blak’s Lair for putting me on to The Rurals. My latest musical addiction, Marie Tweek (whose sound will surprise you), sang with this group. Once I heard that, I knew this album would be on constant repeat. Tweek would have been all over my lists as well if she had another solo album out this year. Check for her as well.

You already know how I feel about Tamara Wellons and Leigh Jones.

I have had Giovanca’s album in my collection for a while but after Fave (remember that podcaster I said you should be listening to? Get on that because he’s backkkk in a HUGE way) mentioned her on Twitter, I moved her to the top of the list – where she belonged.

I’m really excited about what’s ahead for Yazarah. Her appearance on the album you know is going to be all up and through my other top 10 lists (that would be Leave It All Behind for those of you a little late to the party)definitely has people checking for her again. This EP is called Prelude. If this is just the introduction, ya’ll ain’t ready for what’s up next.


Green Tea, Dosage II: Choices
Listen | Myspace

Grammy nominated artist Maiysha, This Much Is True
Listen| Official | Follow her on Twitter


Reel People, Seven Ways To Wonder
Listen| Official

The Rurals, Farming Grooves
Listen | Myspace


Tamara Wellons, Life Is
Listen| Official

Leigh Jones, Music In My Soul
Listen | Official


Giovanca, Subway Silence
Official | Myspace

Yazarah, Prelude(EP)

Honorable Mention:

Grammy nominated artist Wayna, Higher Ground

Joey Negro and the Sunburst Band, Moving With The Shakers

Eric Rico, Higher Frequency

Feel free to share the criminally underrated albums that are in heavy rotation for you this year in the comments.