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You already know this is another artist on the short list that can bring me out of retirement.

I’d be remiss as queen bee of the Bilal Stan Association if I didn’t share with the one or two of you that still stop by (thank you!) new tracks that Mr. Oliver performed during his set here in DC over the weekend.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this show. Last couple of times he rolled through DC, I had to take him to task on Twitter for lackluster, “i don’t give a fuck, cut the check,”  performances. It was like watching this right here. I derive no pleasure from standing on the side of the road and watch a ten-car pileup.

I am happy to say at this show he acted like the Grammy-nominated artist I know who could blow all of these R&B cats off the stage using  only10% of his vocals. Mr. Oliver put on an amazing set that included a preview of three tracks I expect we’ll see on his upcoming album, Airtights Revenge. Check out “Levels,” “Robots,” and “Cake & Eat It Too” and let me know what you think in the comments.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about “Levels” when I first heard it and was curious about the direction of the album. However, after seeing it live, I can dig it. “Cake & Eat It Too” will definitely be popular with the fans. The beat knocks.


Cake and Eat It Too


“Since I Been Loving You” is of course a Led Zepplin cover and I don’t believe it will be on the album. However, if you don’t watch any other video, watch this one. I attribute his antics to my fly ass Bilal tee I was rocking in the front row. He saw that and knew I had been down for a minute!

So seems like 2010 will be a damn good year musically. We’ll be holding a vigil for Airtights Revenge. His manager says he only a couple tracks left to record. Look out for an interview soon over at SoulBounce where I’m sure Butta will get to the bottom of this. We’ll also be checking hard for:

Be sure to follow these artists on Twitter and via their official websites and blogs to keep up with the latest on release dates. Who knows when I’ll write here again.