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Bilal, if you’re listening, we need this image on a t-shirt.

I know you think my throwback is cute and all.

But this B-ollower, as he likes to call his tweeple, is ready for an upgrade just in time for the new album.

This has been covered all over the innanets, but judging from some of the comments I’m seeing on my YouTube videos, some of ya’ll are still not woke.

Bilal fans and stans, you’ve waited not so patiently for nine years for an official project and the time has finally come. It’s official, Airtight’s Revenge will in fact see the light of day.  September 14, it will be in stores and online everywhere for your purchasing pleasure.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. Cake & Eat It Too – Produced by Bilal / Steve Mckie [watch it live]
2. Restart – Produced by Bilal / Steve Mckie
3. All Matter – Produced by Bilal / Steve Mckie
4. Flying – Produced by Bilal / Nottz
5. Levels – Produced by Bilal  / Shafiq Husayn [watch it live]
6. Little One – Produced by Conley “Tone” Whitfield
7. Move On – Produced by Bilal  & Steve Mckie
8. Robots – Produced by Bilal  [watch it live]
9. The Dollar – Produced by Bilal  / Steve Mckie
10. Who Are You – Produced by Bilal  / Steve Mckie
11. Think It Over – Produced by 88 Keys

There were snippets from the entire album posted on the internets a few weeks ago but most outlets have removed them. Completely understandable. Bilal and Plug Research aren’t taking any chances with this one. I don’t think the fans can take another Love for Sale debacle.

Since my interests these days are taking me in the direction of the fusion of new media and music promotion, I’m excited at the way he using social media to promote the album and interact with his fan base. He joined Twitter earlier this year and already has 10K followers. I expect that to grow exponentially once the album is released and he reclaims his spot as one of THE best to touch the mike.

He actually talks to his fans and doesn’t just use the tool as a one way  “buymyshitcometomyshow” broadcast medium.  He shows that he actually reads what people are saying to him by retweeting.  He crowdsources by asking questions such as what we think about him touring with a particular artist.  He shares photo and video from shows. He’s planning tweetups in cities where he is touring. It’s all very authentic. In short, he’s doing it right.

Bravo, B. Bravo.

Mark your calendars for September 14.

DC area tweeps, you’ll be happy to know that an album release show has already been set for September 19th at the Birchmere. Tickets will be on sale via Ticketmaster on July 23rd. It will sell out.

Meanwhile, take a listen to this great conversation between Bilal and Gilles Peterson.  As Giles plays tracks from the new album, which Bilal says he took the Frank Zappa approach in creating, they talk about the new music; what he’s been up to these past nine years; the lost album; record industry rule 4080; what’s poppin in his iPod; and how DC is the bestest fan base ever.

And for goodness sakes, get on Twitter already. Follow Bilal….and me.

image credit: SoulBounce