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I’m so happ–pp–yy to see-eee–ee you and meeee…back in stride againnnn!

Side note: Before I reintroduce myself, it’s only right that I stop and pay homage. They all doing it. But Nicholas is one cold cat in that red sport coat, ain’t he? He’s holding down the back row and all. But all eyes on him!

Although it may seem that I silently pledged not to return until Bilal dropped his NEXT album after Airtight’s Revenge, this two year break was unintentional. If I had some home training,  I would have at least dropped a “good bye, see you soon, thanks for the support” post. I kept waiting for my desire to write more than 140 characters at a time to keep returning. The years rolled by.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never stopped loving the music. In fact, the amazing musical adventures I’ve had over these past couple years has made the love stronger. I just had to get over my exhaustion with writing about it. I’m not entirely sure it won’t return. If it does though, I’ll at least hang a closed sign on the door.

Although some would say that I write “well,” the words have never come easy for me. Some of these posts would take me hours to conceptualize and write.  I was burnt out. Then I began to foolishly compared myself to other writers and decided that maybe I didn’t write well enough to even bother. Self-doubt is a bitch. And NOT the business for grown ass women.

What I’ve learned over the past couple years is that it’s about my voice. You used to come here because you liked what I had to say and how I said it. Whether it’s 2  or 22, 222 of you (and I have no plans to HAVE to worry about that), I want to cultivate a community of true music lovers who learn from me as much as I learn from you. Since I stay stuck in the 70s/80s/90s, I need you all to put me on to the good stuff.

Enough of the explanations though. I’m back and I’m veddy happy to be here. I truly appreciate each and every one of you who have asked about my return either through a comment (always a pleasant surprise), through e-mail or on Twitter. You have no idea how much that meant. That “one day” is here! This time, I’m truly not worried about anything but sharing the tunes I’m digging and the  adventures I have with my fellow slaves to the music.

As some of you longtime visitors will see, I’ve cleaned up the house a bit. Put some fresh paint on the walls. Straightened out the clutter a bit with the categories and the about page.  Same ole Viv though.

I was supposed to re-launch in September with a mix of what I’ve been rocking out to in 2012. However, my mixologist and I work together like Fred and Esther. It’s all love of course!  So then as we were nearing the end, he experienced technical difficulties….again.  I thought of posting the unfinished mix but ya’ll don’t deserve that. One way or the other, I will bring you my personal Best of 2012.

Glad to be back. Let’s Rock!