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First to all my regular readers, please forgive the light posting this week. My laptop has the MAJOR cooties. I am currently posting this on my eight year old desktop. The Slowskys would LOVE Old Betsy. So until I’m back up, things will be a bit slow around here too.

The theme for this week is music from your graduation year.  I graduated from Abraham Clark High School in Roselle, NJ in 1994. I had just turned 17 and left for college in Charlotte, NC a few months later.

There were two albums released that year that I believe cannot be left out of any discussion about the history of hip hop and r&b.   Talk about “let my tape rock til my tape popped.” Both of these albums would be near the top of the list if I HAD to choose my top ten albums of all time. I still know every single lyric of every single song on both albums.

None other than Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” ( November 29, 1994) and Biggie’s “Ready to Die.” (July 13, 1994).

Since the 90s was also the decade of the remix, I’ll be posting my favorite remixes of songs from each of these albums.

First up, the Queen who should always come before the King.

Mary J. Blige, “Be Happy” Bad Boy Remix w/Keith Murray

Mary J Blige f/ L Boogie, “Be With You” remix

Ya’ll ready for Notorious? One week from today! If it wasn’t inauguration weekend, I’d be right up in NYC for opening weekend. Brooklyn, stand up! Here’s a couple of track from the King of New York and MY G.O.A.T.

Biggie, “Big Poppa” So So Def remix

Let’s bring it full circle.

Biggie, “One More Chance/Stay With Me” remix f/ Faith and Mary J. Blige (play spot the celebs in the video)

I’m way over the limit but I had fun! Be sure to stop by the other Old School Friday participants sites and revisit music from yesteryear.