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Only on this blog ya’ll (and on my diet, but that’s another post).

Nobody has put a ring on it so that’s the only cheating going on over here!

If you’ll remember in my Top Five Inspirational Songs of 2008 post, I alluded to the fact that I had a column that would be debuting soon. After the last debaucle, I decided not to mention it again until it was actually up.


B-Side Love Affair (also the name of a track on Sy Smith’s album Conflict) debuted just before the New Year. The first post was introductory – introducing Vivrant Thang and my passion for B-Side artists and their music.

My second column, posted today and highlighted on the front page, is called “Pave A New Road with Obama and Eric Roberson.”  I started off 2008 by seeing Erro in concert and he will also be my first official show of 2009. So what better artist to kick off the column with?

I’m really excited about this opportunity because they have a massive audience over there and a very active community who aren’t shy about commenting! So I feel great about the fact that these B-Side artists I spotlight will get a bit more recognition. 

If you’re so inclined, check me out over there and peruse Urban Thought Collective in its entirety. There’s an array of columns over there on various topics such as fashion, finance, technology, dating, and fitness. I’ll likely link up here when I post.

I’ll be writing over there every Wednesday. Now don’t worry. Just because I’m cheating, I have no intention of abandoning or divorcing this space. Actually, I am moving full speed ahead with some of the changes I’ve mentioned before to enhance your experience, my dear readers. So stay tuned!

I finally have my laptop back! It had to be wiped clean so I’m starting from scratch. Bear with me for a bit more and I’ll be back in full swing. Meantime, feel free to let me know what kinds of things you would like to see more of here.

Album reviews? Artist spotlights? Personal writing? Do you want to hear what I’m listening to more often? Do you miss Side Eye of the Week?