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Ever wonder what music is in rotation on some of your favorite artists’ iPods?

Ever think about hanging out with your favorite artist one evening and having them play DJ? What songs would be on the playlist?

The other night on Twitter, Erykah Badu left the building and “DJ Loretta Brown” got on the wheels of steel and turned Twitterverse into one big old school party. Some of these songs I wasn’t even familiar with, which made it even better.

The impromptu house party led to a new musical discovery.

Mama’s Gun just may be my favorite Badu album. Still debating on that one. I do know that that the Grammy-nominated song “Didn’t Cha Know” was a highlight on that album for me. What I didn’t know was that it sampled “Dreamflower” by the band Tarika Blue from their self-titled album released in 1977.

Listening to the original track and some other tracks on the album, make it a must purchase. All thanks to “DJ Loretta.”

Check out some of the other tracks on her playlist. Lots of classic soul here, which is why I will always respect Erykah as an artist. She knows her music.

Any of your favorites here?

Ya’ll better stop sleeping on Twitter. For those that say they don’t get it, if you still don’t after reading this post, I don’t get you!

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