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Guess who’s back!

I didn’t mean to be away so long but I’m coming back swinging (now watch ten other people have my same picks because I said that).

Today’s theme is songs with the word “heart” in the title. I found a plethora of songs but decided that since it’s women’s history month, I have to give the ladies some shine in all my OSF posts this month.

Michel’le– Something in Your Heart(1989)
Ya’ll know you used to screetch and squeal right along with her. This was thesong back in ’89. I didn’t know what I was singing, but I was sanging. It’s a crime that this video isn’t on You Tube in it’s proper form. Someone was kind enough to upload it to Myspace.
View it here

Tamia, You Put A Move On My Heart (1995)
This song still gives me chills 14 years later. The lovely Tamia at her best. Notice she’s fully dressed and still hotter than all of these chicks out here today

Whitney Houston -Where Do Broken Hearts Go (1988)
Actually it makes me sad to post old Whitney especially after I watch this fuggery, which I do from time to time when I need a good laugh. I guess I hold a special place in my heart for her since I sang her music at my recital when I took voice lessons. This is one of my favorite songs off the Whitney album.

This ends my official picks. But if you want to enjoy some more good music, here’s some runner-ups which I hope you’ll see posted on other OSF blogs.

  • Atlantic StarrIf Your Heart Isn’t In It (this is on repeat when I play my best of Atlantic Starr. And yes, I play it often!)
  • The DellsA Heart is a House for Love (Five Heartbeats, let’s hear it for them!)
  • Luther VandrossAnyone Who Had A Heart (Luther doesn’t need any help but I absolutely love the “duet” with Elton John on the So Amazing tribute album. He’s one of the few that didn’t massacre poor Luther’s music on that one)
  • Mint ConditionBreakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) (This is one of my top 50 songs of all time. Nuff said)
  • Tevin CampbellAlways In My Heart (Still a ridiculous song. That’s why they call Quincy Jones a genius)
  • Toni Braxton & BabyfaceGive You My Heart (Boomerang sountrack  and pre-horse’s mane FTW!)
  • Toni BraxtonUnbreak My Heart (when we could still understand the words coming out of Toni’s mouth and when we still wanted Tyson)
  • WhispersMy Heart, Your Heart (need to talk more about my love for The Whispers on here. What ya’ll know bout that? Lil Viv might be conceived off of “In The Mood.” “Lady” is in my top fifty.
  • Whitney Houston, Faith, & Kelly PriceHeartbreak Hotel (Another of my favorite Whit songs. Killer combination. Beautiful scenery. Everyone looked stunning…though years later, I’m still just not sure about that powder blue coat on Kelly.)